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Fitzhugh-Luther was more than just a reseller. They built new freight cars, and sometimes in modest quantities. In 1907 F-L supplied California's Northern Electric Railway with 50 36' boxcars numbered 2000-2049, and 163 40' flatcars numbered 1100-1263. That's a rather odd number, so there may have originally been a few more flat cars, but the NE had a habit of rebuilding flat cars into other types such as gondolas, locomotives and portable substations, and the origins of some rebuilds are not well documented. When I did my research on the SN fleet at the Western Railroad Museum Archives 20 years ago, that's all I was able to trace. Like the sailor's proverbial jack knife, the F-L cars went through a number of improvement and rebuildings programs. A handful lasted in MW service for the successor Sacramento Northern into the 1960s, and one rebuilt flat numbered SN 01449 survives/survived (in pieces) in the CSRM collection in Sacramento.

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I've been working on a roster for a small short lived Michigan short line, the Keweenaw Central railroad. I have the report of original cost to date of freight cars that lists Fitz Hugh as the builder for 6 of their 11 ton flat cars in 1905 (road #101 through 106) purchased in Hammond and the side door caboose, built 1906, #800 purchased in Chicago.   Google searches come up that FitzHugh Luther was a car reseller but may have operated what would become the Pullman Standard plant that was in Hammond.

Here is a vague picture of the caboose with some other equipment, the plow in front is built from a Duluth & Iron Range 1898 or 99 ore car, built by very likely Pullman Standard that they had 35 of.

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