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Jack Burgess

Thanks Johannes…


I have read (I think) that equipment was much dirtier after the war because of deferred maintenance during the war. I wisely chose to model the YV before the war started!




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Hello Jack,


I don't model the 30s but appreciated your video nonetheless - many thanks. Top-notch as is expected from you.

One is always well advised not to "overdo" weathering - but most all rolling stock at photos from after WWII was way dirtier than the YV trains you are showing, at least from

what I have seen.

On the other hand I usually don't like the looks of extremely weathered engines - I just like them much more though fully painted (that means all the wheel faces too) but

clean (especially those with white-edged running boards and wheel rims) - with only few exceptions, like a GN O-8, C&NW H-1, D&RGW L-131, some Santa Fe, some UP, and

others. This correlates with the obvious great shape of the YV engines shown at your photos. :-)


Thanks again and many greetings



Modeling the early post-war years up to about 1954


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If you are modeling the 1930s or so like I am (August 1939) you might appreciate a new YouTube video that just came out on weathering…not how to but more what is appropriate. It is at


Jack Burgess

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