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I seriously doubt that there are any fish cars still active, as they are not something that Amtrak, or freight railroads, would be excited about handling. However, as you can see there are at least two preserved examples.

I once read somewhere about a modern streamlined car that was operated by a major aquarium, though I don't remember who owned it. Probably long retired now.

All that said, the Government still has some interesting refurbished passenger cars that do run on modern railroads. A few years ago I photographed DOTX 220, a futuristic business car yet with a real open rear planform, and companion DOTX 223 which looked like a short single-door baggage car. DOTX 220 was lettered "Federal Railroad Administration" and "Office of Safety". They were in the ex-SP yard in Roseville, California.

This is, of course, post-STMFC period, and getting into passenger cars, so I will quit here. If anybody wants to see the photos, contact me off-list. 

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On Thu, Apr 29, 2021 at 12:09 PM Ray Hutchison <rayhutchison2@...> wrote:
This is pretty interesting... need to find out where to get Department of Commerce decals!

I noted the following at the Catskills website in Garth's post:

"Nowadays a fleet of modern tank trucks transports more than 200 million fish a year from Fish and Wildlife Service National Fish Hatcheries to stock many of the nation's rivers, lakes, and coastal waters."

That is from document published 1979.  While there are fish hatcheries in every state (and in Madison WI there is Fish Hatchery Road!) I am wondering if there still are dish cars and what they might look like?




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