Re: Photo: Unloading Grain

Daniel A. Mitchell

The GN, and other roads, had huge high-sided woodchip gondolas with end-doors. These were emptied by tipping whole car nearly vertical on a hydraulically-inclined section of track. The same idea is also used with large truck-trailers as you describe.

Even more extreme are the mechanical coal-dumpers used in many port cities, both on the ocean and in the Great Lakes. The entire car (sometimes a pair of cars) is grabbed, clamped, then raised perhaps 50 feet. Sometimes the car is elevated by pushing it up a ramp, and sometimes lifted with a vertical elevator. Then it is nearly inverted to dump the load. Quite rapid, very dusty, and very impressive. 

Dan Mitchell

On Apr 29, 2021, at 3:14 PM, Clarence Zink <clarence.zink@...> wrote:

Tilting boxcars to unload grain reminds me of the Jay's Potato Chip factory on the south side of Chicago in the late 1950's.  My family would drive by there on occasion, and there were usually one or two 18 wheel trailer trucks tilted way up in the air, unloading potatoes.  Made a lasting impression on a 9 year old!


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