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Bruce Smith


Don’t trust captions. It would appear that the fire truck was being unloaded from a GTW boxcar, on the Union Pacific and no UP boxcars were involved. I highly doubt that the firetruck was driven across the flat car and into another boxcar.  The flat car probably served as an easier ramp to the loading dock. Alternatively, if there is no end ramp in the area, the flat car might allow the truck to then be jockeyed off the SIDE of the car onto a loading dock.


I can think of two reasons to transfer the truck to another car without unloading it immediately. First, it may be that the boxcar is facing the wrong direction and there was nowhere nearby to turn it. Alternatively, if the boxcar suffered some sort of mechanical issue that could not be repaired with the fire engine inside the car.




Bruce Smith

Auburn, AL


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Hi Bob and List Members,


It seems to me that the end result of this process was to move the fire truck from one STMFC to another STMFC!


Not sure I understand what is being done exactly


Claus Schlund



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Photo: Unloading A Fire Tuck

Photos from the Walla Walla Project blog:


“New fire truck for the City unloaded from Union Pacific railroad boxcar, July 10th 1961.”

Grand Truck Western end-door boxcar.

Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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