Re: Photo: Unloading A Fire Tuck

Andy Laurent

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 11:18 AM, Dennis Storzek wrote:
I suspect they don't have a end-of-track ramp, so drove it out on a flatcar then maneuvered it onto a side loading platform, which were much more common in small towns.

Dennis Storzek
...or they needed a flatcar to get the truck onto the ground via an end-unloading ramp. This was also fairly common in fire-apparatus unloading. The sharp angle of declination for most end ramps could have lead the end overhanging parts of the truck to strike the underside of the boxcar roof. I model this on my HO scale truck loads need to have an "idler" flatcar spotted between them and the ramp.

Andy L.
Madison WI

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