Re: Photo: Unloading Grain

Daniel A. Mitchell

I suppose they could use the same type “car tipper” to unload as they do for grain. That, however, would only apply for large-scale users. The far more common “little guys” would have to do it the hard way, by hand. But perhaps not much worse than shoveling it out of a gondola, which was the normal way. Such nasty work was very common "back then"… take a look at the incredible mess involved in “coaling” a steamship. Filling the bunkers was usually accomplished using wheelbarrows and either buckets or cloth sacks filled with coal. The black dust got everywhere … the ship and the crewmen were covered in it.

The “good old days” were not nearly so nice as folks want to remember, or nowadays imagine.

Dan Mitchell

On Apr 30, 2021, at 8:12 PM, mel perry <clipper841@...> wrote:

Oh that had to be a s**t job unloadinrg
one of those
mel perry

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021, 2:58 PM Clarence Zink <clarence.zink@...> wrote:
Well, it sure isn't "unloading grain", but these photos of loading boxcars with coal from the Utah State Historical Society ought to be of interest also. 

Back in 1916, the Standard Fuel Company of Utah used "car tippers" to load coal into boxcars at the minesite:
<StdFuelCo loading boxcar @ tipple 1916c.jpg><StdFuelCo loading boxcar @ tipple 1916b.jpg><StdFuelCo loading boxcar @ tipple 1916.jpg>


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