Re: SP Freight Car Color.

Jim Betz

Bruce,Tony,Who Ever,

  That color looks a touch too red for my tastes.  I assume you will be weathering
the cars - correct?  I'm not an "SP modeler" but I know a lot of them and have
seen a lot of their work.  And I definitely have some SP cars in my stores/on my
layout (soon).


  What shipment would result in an SP stock car getting all the way to the B&O.
I would expect that most of them would go as far as Chicago (or anywhere 
along the Mississippi) and the stock would be off-loaded for watering and the
car would be sent West and the stock would be loaded into some Eastern
road's cars - if it wasn't slaughtered then and there.  I asking if it would be
common or rare for an SP stock car to make it very far East of the Mississippi?
                                                                                       - Jim 

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