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Brian and Lester,

I have a 1952 ORER page that lists this car as VS: "Fruit-Vegetable Insulated Ventilator. A house car equipped with insulation and hinged swinging side doors, and a means of ventilation. Not equipped for refrigeration . . . ." The series was 932-946 (8 cars at that time). These cars are not in my full October 1958 ORER.

Years ago I did one of these cars from a Train Miniature reefer with the hatches. My car was orange (all I had to work from was a tiny B&W image from a story in MR), which obviously wasn't right and I didn't have the information for the fine detailing of Lester's outstanding model. I kept the car in my great plastic clean-out simply because I liked it and I was born in Iowa. Maybe someday I will follow Lester's lead, do it again correctly, and retire the TM car. Maybe.

Yours Aye,

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Yours Aye

On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 8:53 AM Brian Carlson via <> wrote:
Interesting, but I do have one question. Eric‘s presentation was on ventilated box cars. This looks like a normal refrigerator car. Why was it classified as a ventilated box car?

Brian J. Carlson 

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I have built and reworked an Accurail - 5th Avenue Car Shops kit into a Fort Dodge, Des Moines & Southern ventilated Refrigerator car.  Rework included new end sill install, milling running board and grab iron fasteners/rivets to be applied via new method to new installed wire grab irons after molded ladders and grab irons and fasteners carved off.  If you are interested photos and write up are now available on my blog I have to share photos and writeup of modeling projects on my Minneapolis & Northland Railroad Company.  If would like to take a look please do at the following link:


Lester Breuer


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