Re: SP Freight Car Color.

Ken Adams

I am not an airbrush user so I can't give you an opinion on using Vallejo Brunt Red 70.814 in an air brush. But as a color, I have found it a very good match to the faded freight car red that would typify an SP house car (box, stock, most reefers were PFE) in the 1945-55 period. To my eye it is a close match to the Star brand SP-UP FCR from PBL. I have my original containers of the PBL and Tru-Color SP paints on hand for checking the match when I was looking for an acrylic replacement for more toxic paints after encountering breathing problems when painting. 

When I am painting an SP model either plastic or resin, I usually prime with Tamiya Oxide Red from rattle can. Over the fully dried primer I hand brush the Vallejo Brunt Red 70.814 using a soft square shaped brush.   

Works for me as I live in an apartment like town home with no place to set up a paint booth and have proper ventilation. I spray the Tamiya on the veranda/deck timed in the short intervals between gusts of an almost constant 10-15 mph wind these days. The garage is owned by the HOA which doesn't like me setting up for painting.  Such is life. 
Ken Adams
Still in splendid Shelter In Place solitude, about half way up Walnut Creek

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