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O Fenton Wells

Clark according to my Burlington Bulletin the 32000 was an XM 32 and had AAR double Truss trucks and the 17000-17799 was an X32B and had A-3 ride control trucks.  17800-18399 was also an XM 32B and had a type 81 truck but if there is an explanation for this truck in the Bulletin, I missed it.  The truck looks like a Barber Stabilized truck.  But I will never qualify as a freight car truck expert
Just say'in

On Mon, May 3, 2021 at 11:37 AM Clark Propst <> wrote:
I recently picked up two RTR CB&Q box cars. One Intermountain 32000 series and one Branchline Trains 17000 series. I don’t have a lot of info on these cars and would like to make them as correct as I can.
The BLT car may be good, except for the trucks that ‘might’ be ASF Ride Control A-3s?
Looks like the IM car needs a wood running board, 8 rung ladders and possible P2K trucks?
If these assumptions are correct, I would like to know what hand brakes would be appropriate.
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