Truck spotting- was CB&Q box car questions

Andy Carlson

The sheer knowledge, accompanied with huge willingness to help, makes this io group especially great. Our own truck specialist, Brian Leppert helped me years ago quickly ID the two most common post war freight car trucks--the ACF A-3 and the Barber Stabilized S-2.

1st) look for the triangular wedges inside the edges of the bolster. Both trucks show this and quickly notes that these are one of the Big-Two players.
2) If the coil spring perches remain fairly close to the truck side frame--then this is a Barber S-2
3) If the spring perches swell out promonently from the side frame--this is an ACF Rice Control A-3

This bit of quick truck spotting has helped me a lot when looking at vintage photos which aren't always in sharp focus or exposed very well. There may be some mis-identification, but with the huge amounts of both of the subject trucks used this is a good numbers game in truck
Thanks, Brian!

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

.................. The truck looks like a Barber Stabilized truck.  But I will never qualify as a freight car truck expert
Just say'in

The BLT car may be good, except for the trucks that ‘might’ be ASF Ride Control A-3s?

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