Re: L&N 51098 (was NRC Banana Reefer)

Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Hi George,
It is likely the workers are shoveling the coal out of the gons and into the two coal trucks parked next to the gons.
In that case, the workers probably shovel the coal out of the gons at a spot that is near to where the trucks are parked, so as to easily get it into the truck loading bed. They can only do a part of the gon per truck loading, and the process seems to still be on-going.
Next time the trucks return for the next load, they will spot the trucks to unload yet some other part of the two gons.
Claus Schlund

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Perhaps it's just me, but the two coal piles in the L&N and B&O gons appear a bit unnatural to me.  I'm assuming hand unloading.  Is it just my bad eyesight?  It's like they shoveled everything out on one side or a while, then, skipped a place and went back to shoveling everything out again..  A really fast and a really slow worker?

George Courtney

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