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Photo: Union Carbide Covered Hopper 552
Photos from the Pullman Library:
Click on the photos twice for maximum enlargement.
Built 12-40.
Interesting inboard hatch cover arrangement.

For those interested per the above two photo references, Greenville Steel Car Co. built 4 orders of Union Carbide Co. covered hopper cars of like-design with UCCO reporting marks. Greenville used a numerically-sequenced Office Order (O.O.) designation when the company received orders for either new cars or when making repairs or modifications to existing cars. 

O.O. 218: 2 cars, ordered 6-35, built 9-35, 552 sample car photographed
O.O. 231: 1 car, ordered 3-36, built ca. 6-36, car number unrecorded
O.O. 249: 4 cars, ordered 1-37, built ca. 7-37, car numbers unrecorded
O.O. 309: 4 cars, ordered 10-40, built 12-40, 562 sample car photographed

All 4 orders of UCCO covered hoppers were 50-tons, 1321 cu. ft. capacity, and came with Enterprise outlets. The first 3 orders used 2nd-hand trucks furnished by B&LE. The 11 cars in the 4 orders lacked being equipped with AB brakes when built by Greenville and thus were not in interchange service unless configured with AB brakes at a later date (I’m unaware if that ever happened). If these 11 cars were numbered sequentially, they received car numbers 552-553; 554; 555-558; 559-562, respectively. 

General dimensions:
19’ truck centers
22’-8 3/8” inside length
28’-11 3/4” over striker castings
11’-5 1/4” from rail to top of running board

Prior to the construction of these UCCO cars, Greenville built two covered hopper orders for Erie & DT&I in which the same Greenville general arrangement drawing number 13394 was used for all six orders, despite the hatch arrangement being different. 

Erie 20000-20049, O.O. 202, 50 cars built ca. 7-8/1934
DT&I 11800-11814, O.O. 207, 15 cars built ca. 8-34

The Erie & DT&I cars were equipped with AB brakes for interchange service. Hatches were 48” x 36” with hatch covers that opened towards the running board. Photos of Erie 20000, 20033 & DT&I 11806 are also included in Jim Kinkaid’s photo collection at the Pullman Library SmugMug web site.
Ed Hawkins

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