Re: Work crew emptying gon with shovels (was L&N 51098)

Don Burn



      Only a guess but I suspect that the gondola is hauling limestone.   It looks granular in the photo, and there were a lot of limestone quarries in that region.


Don Burn



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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Work crew emptying gon with shovels (was L&N 51098)


Hi List Members,


A few days back we were looking over an image that had (among other interesting things) a scene where workers were shoveling coal out of a gon into waiting coal trucks.


The image below also has this same theme going on - perhaps this is not coal (it seems light-colored), and the coal truck is replaced by a horse drawn cart, but the work is the same! Too bad we cannot identify the gon... altho if I let my imagination help me a little, I think I can discern PRR on the gon end. The locomotive might be a PRR class H1/H2/H3 coming toward us. This is all happening at the Pennsylvania Depot, Wolcott, Indiana, 1908





Claus Schlund






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Hi Gary and List Members,


I especially like the mini-scene with the two gondolas carrying coal. A bit difficult to discern, but looks to my eyes it looks like there is a work crew of at least two men in the gon L&N 51098, bent over like they are shoveling the coal. Note the A C Jones coal trucks parked directly next to to the gon. An entirely modelable scene for any size railroad, don't you think? It appears the B&O 257952 gon is also involved in the same operation


My Dec 1930 ORER sez the following about L&N 51098: series 50000-56499, 40ft 6in IL, 100000 lb, 6448 cars,  MCB type GA


My memory sez MCB type GA is a drop bottom gon, is that right? In that case, are the drop doors being used by the crew to help in unloading, or are they just using the shovels to toss the coal over the gon sides and into the truck beds? Thoughts? I checked B&O 257952, it is type GM (mill gon) which I think would NOT have drop doors of any sort...


Claus Schlund



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It sure is dirty: 


The B&O boxcar appears to have had many wood pieces replaced in its roof.


Gary Laakso

Northwest of Mike Brock

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