Re: [Classic-UP] Private cars used for UP fuel oil and diesel

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No prototype at all. Yes, there were three-compartment tank cars, but nearly all were much smaller than the Athearn . . . uh . . . model. The tank size represents a total volume of about 12,000 gallons. Most triples were 8,000 or smaller. The Athearn offering is trainset junk, as are/were several knock-offs by other trainset manufacturers.

The only correct plastic model of a three compartment tank car that I can think of is Tangent's 6,000 gallon General American car, currently not in production: . IIRC, there have been one or two resin kits for this type of car, and of course there have been brass models of varying quality and accuracy.

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Book (above) and there was an Athearn model of three-dome tank car.  Not certain how true to prototype it might be.


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