Buckeye Ends!


As many reading this will already know, anyone trying to model Erie's mid-1936 lot of 500 "1937 AAR" 10' IH boxcars will quickly encounter the problem of finding Buckeye ends for them.   About a month ago, I asked Chad Boas if he had any of the appropriate size, and his answer basically was "No, but I might be able to make some."   Fortunately excellent documentation was available in RP CYC #35, which includes both a dimensioned drawing and a very clear end-on photograph.

   Yesterday afternoon, I received a photo from Chad showing a pair of resin Buckeye ends. You can find ordering and shipping information on his general price list at <http://resincarworks.com/boas_kitlist_201506.pdf>  The new Buckeye ends aren't on that list yet, but he's pricing them just like his other boxcar ends, and he said he'd be happy to have me "pass the word."

  (I do plan to cross-post this info two other relevant groups, but I have no business connection with Chad except as a customer.)

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