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Bruce, Group;


This guy looks like it might be a B&O O-59.  What do you think?


This definitely looks like it is on one of the tracks inside National Tube Company in McKeesport, PA.  That building in back looks like one of the oldies in that plant I saw back in the day while railfanning the area.


B&O interchanged here through McKeesport Connecting RR, to their own tracks, also P&LE and PRR.


Elden Gatwood



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I’m sharing a post from the B&0 IO group that would be of interest to some on this list. 

May 8   


Hello to all.


While looking at pipeline pages I came across this neat photo.


B&O 260986 is a 1940-vintage, Bethlehem Steel, 52’ - 6” steel, flat bottom, drop end, cushion underframe gondola.


In the photo it is hauling the first load of 24-inch pipe for the Big Inch and Little Big Inch pipelines built in WW-2.


Pipe was made by National Tube but I cannot read the small print to see what city it was.

National Tube had several locations but probably in McKeesport, PA.


I searched on the car number and it seems that Tangent Scale Model made a model with this car number. Cool.


Photos of National Tube in McKeesport, PA




Bruce D. Griffin
Ashland, MD


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