Re: A busy time at the team track Chicago 1934

Jim Betz

  I love the guy in the light colored hat who is looking directly at the camera!

  I noticed that the 'crews' at the individual cars that are unloading all seem to be
food/household goods.  And that all of them seem to be unloading product in
cardboard boxes.  No reefers in this line of cars.

  "A busy time at the team track" ... INDEED.  I have never seen a team track
that long nor one with anything even close to that many cars.  Each guy 
probably had to "check in" to get the car number for his load.  Most of them
seem to be only one or two guys doing the unloading from the train ... so
they were going to be there for a little while.  

  Question - is this a "30's scene" that was replaced by palletized loads
that were unloading in a freight dock soon after?
                                                                                                       - Jim
                                                                                                                            - Jim

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