Re: A busy time at the team track Chicago 1934

Tim O'Connor


That's pretty amazing! On the other hand, that may be EXACTLY why the photograph was taken. :-D

Tim O'Connor

On 5/10/2021 11:29 AM, Claus Schlund \(HGM\) wrote:
Hi Tim and List Members,
Another thing to notice - the NYC steel boxcar closest to thte camera is being unloaded - boxes and boxes of RINSO.
Now look two cars back from there, a second NYC steel boxcar loaded with boxes of RINSO.
Now look at the next car back from there (USRA ss boxcar, road name unknown) - it is also full of boxes of RINSO.
Now look at the truck parked there - LOUIS DOBBRATZ SOAD DISTRIBUTORS! Think they might sell RINSO?
Now look at the fully loaded horse cart just past the DOBBRATZ truck - it is full to the top with - you guessed it - RINSO boxes
I bet the railroad crews simply refered to this as the RINSO track!
Claus Schlund

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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