Re: A busy time at the team track Chicago 1934

Daniel A. Mitchell

Horses were still around the Detroit area until, maybe, 1950-51. Not at all common, but still around. The ones I remember were pulling small vendor wagons making local deliveries of produce, milk, ice, etc. I can’t remember exactly … I was only a few years old then, but I remember them clomping along the street. Always attracted the kids, something just a bit unusal. Such wagons were far outnumbered by assorted small trucks.

I also remember, in the same time frame, lots of chain-drive trucks and solid-rubber-tires (on metal or wood spoked wheels). Big “AC” Macks and others. Again, not the norm, but very much still around.

Dan Mitchell

On May 10, 2021, at 3:52 PM, CJ Riley via <cjriley42@...> wrote:

Horses were used later than most folks think. Milk and bread were delivered to homes in my neighborhood in Toronto as late as 1949 when we moved to “rural” North Yorke where trucks were used. When I told my parents I missed the horses I was told they got too tired walking all the way from the city.

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