Southern #23300-23486 Boxcar Doors and Tack Boards #23300-23486

Allen Cain <allencain@...>

I am posting this question for the second time to some lists. Unfortunately
I did not get any responses to the first request. Hopefully, someone can
help me soon as I am now at the point of adding the doors.

I am building four of the very fine Branchline Blueprint Southern Boxcars
(kit #1514) which represent the #23300-23486 series, built 8-47 by
Pullman-Standard (lot 5855). 
These kits as received from Branchline came with a random selection of
Youngstown and Superior 8” doors and I am trying to determine the correct
door for 1955.  As usual, Branchline is being GREAT about offering
information and replacement parts.  I can not say enough good things about
their customer service.
Bill Schneider of Branchline furnished this info:  “Further to our door
discussion, my roster shows that Southern #23300-23486, built 8-47 by PS
(lot 5855) were all equipped with 8' 7 Panel Superior doors. I have a photo
in the Southern Color Guide of one of these cars in 1963 (albeit
re-numbered), another of one in Middletown NY on the O&W in 1948, so I think
its safe to say they ran that way in 1955.”
The photo that Bill sent me appears to be a builder’s photo and has the
Superior door.  If a builder’s photo, this would represent the car in 1947. 
He also has evidence that at least some of these cars retained the Superior
doors as late as 1963.  But, did all?
Can anyone offer a photo reference or advice on the correct door for these
cars in 1955?
The car numbers are:

And finally, what is the correct location for the door and end tack boards
for 1955? Should they be in the high or low position?
Allen Cain
Murfreesboro, TN

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