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I had done some checking of my own several years ago on the
movement of the placard boards from the higher position on the ends
and doors of new house cars to the lower position, and found that the
mandated change date was January 1, 1954. This I have found to be
correct on all builders photos I have seen to date.

Jerry Stewart

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At 01:11 PM 5/3/2003 -0500, you wrote:

I am posting this question for the second time to some lists.
I did not get any responses to the first request.

Can anyone offer a photo reference or advice on the correct door
for these
cars in 1955?

The car numbers are:


And finally, what is the correct location for the door and end
tack boards
for 1955? Should they be in the high or low position?
Allen ,

I posted this response to the second part of your question when you
originally posed it on the SouthernModeler group in late April:
>Guy Wilber replied to a similar (but generic) question on the
>Era Freight Cars group a couple of months ago. In essence, before
>1953, placard boards were to be "not less" than 4'-6" from the
>of a box car. Effective in March '54, that rule was changed to
>placard boards (the larger boards) and tack boards (the smaller
>boards)to be located so that the bottoms of the boards were no
>than 2'-6" above the car floor. New cars reflected that change
>away, and older cars had the changes applied as they were shopped
>Class 1 repairs.
>I guess if you can find out when the cars you are modeling were
>shopped, you can pretty well guess if they had their placard
>high or low at your target date.

>Hope this helps.

If you are looking for the location of the tack boards on each
car on a certain date after the rule went into effect, then I guess
isn't much help, but you didn't note that after I posted the above.

Ron Hildebrand

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