Re: putty to smooth a joint between two sections of a plastic model

Tim O'Connor


George Bishop (Accupaint/Accucals) used to do this as well. You can layer this as well to create
reasonably large structures. He built up an entire "nose section" for a turbo train model he made and
it was perfectly sculpted, solid polystyrene when he was finished.

n-Butyl Acetate is good for bonding ABS plastics, so that's good to know about the Tamiya. :-)

Tim O'Connor

On 5/17/2021 11:42 AM, Steve Summers via wrote:
I make my own putty by dissolving leftover styrene sprues in n-Butyl Acetate (Tamiya extra thin cement is 50% Acetone 50% n-Butyl Acetate).  You can also use MEK to dissolve but it dries a little faster and can ‘string’ easier.  The advantage is the putty when dry is just styrene and with a little effort you can find and use any color styrene sprues.  Cut the sprues into small pieces, put in an old cleaned paint bottle, add liquid to cover the sprues.  You can add more sprues to thicken or more likely, add more liquid when it is too thick or ‘strings’.  Works very well on styrene models as the putty files, sands, and paints just like the model parts.

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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