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Nelson Moyer

Tim, the CB&Q XM-32B class cars in series 17000-18399 were built in 1950. See Mainline modeler March 1996, page 71. I’m not familiar with the Branchlne car body, and Clark didn’t post an end view, but these cars had ten panel sides, improved 4-3-1 Dreadnaught ends, diagonal panel roof with steel running board and improved Youngstown doors.


Nelson Moyer


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The 17415 is a 10-0 1937 model, but the prototype was a 10-6 postwar.

On 5/19/2021 11:51 AM, Clark Propst wrote:

I picked these two box cars up from a late friend’s collection. Both are RTR. This 'class' of box cars had a long run and many changes took place over time. I have the Q bulletin on these cars, but I, at least, don't think it was written with the modeler in mind.  With the help of Nelson Moyer I was able to more accurately portray these models. The 17ooo series is by Branchline Trains and only needed it’s trucks replaced. This car would be super new at the time I model. The 32ooo series is an Intermountain car, which because of it’s generic nature needed to have several detail parts replaced. For something different I weathered the model with tinted Dullcote and colored pencils. I’ll talk about these cars in more detail during the next HS2020 meet.

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