Re: M&STL Ice Deck, Marshalltown, Iowa 1940s

Douglas Harding

To follow up on these photos, I posted to the MSTL list and Roger Ward responded: The 2 cars on top of ice deck were MSTL refrigerator. The old cars got changed out. Put 2 new cars up there. Retired 2 cars. I have the no#s . Did it in the 30,s sometime.


To clarify - you can just see on the back side of the ice deck two reefers, elevated up on legs so they are level with the deck. They sit perpendicular to the deck, I think with a narrow platform between them.


Doug Harding


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This morning I did a salvage job on this somewhat dodgy photo my mother shot, probably in the 1940s when she still lived in Marshalltown, Iowa. The locomotive, M&STL 605, we may assume was the object of the photo. I hope you can forgive her for the lack of technique.


What is more significant to this group is the full view of M&STL's ice deck in the background. I've enhanced this shot about as far as I can to bring up the detail. So here is an image you can ponder. I have no information about the other buildings to the rear, but it does look like there is some sort of refractory kiln back there.


The boxcars in the middle distance appear to be similar to 28124, preserved at the Western Railway Museum in California. The enlarged door was added by the U.S. Navy, who used this particular car to shuttle ammunition (probably iron bombs) around the Concord Naval Weapons Station.


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