Re: Need a photo of a CGW AC&F boxcar #22000-25798


Thanks Doug! Will take the files down to FedEx Office & blow them up to11x17. Used to be a program where I could import or scan a photo & outline the lettering on a different layer. May be a lettering alphabet which is close in "O".

Thanks again.

-=- Bob

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From: "Douglas Harding" <>
Subject: Re: [RealSTMFC] Need a photo of a CGW AC&F boxcar #22000-25798

Here are two photos I have of 23000 series CGW boxcars. Very different P/L schemes.

Doug Harding

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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Need a photo of a CGW AC&F boxcar #22000-25798

While ridding my duplicate & corrupted backup files on new to me Lenovo 17" Ideapad, I came across the 1913 Car Builders. Wandered thru the pages & came across a CGW wood superstructure box with a fabricated double beam steel underframe. ACF built it w/ 50T capacity.

Ck'd my Westerfield 1935 & my paper 12/1938 ORER - not enough data to identify the numbers. Remembered my 12/1928 ORER - there it was - the 21000 series [3 cars] & 22000 thru 25798 series [1690] - capacity dropped to 40T. Ck'd my digital copies of the RR Gazette, CGW first placed an order for 1500 cars in mid-1909, then a few months later increased the order by 500 cars w/ AC&F..

By 12/1938, the 21000 were gone & the 22000 were down to 242. Their reefer fleet dropped from 443 to 6 in the same time period.

Anyone have a photo of this car? Need truck type & lettering for late 20s/early 30s.


-=- Bob Colquitt

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