Re: Need a photo of a CGW AC&F boxcar #22000-25798

Eric Hansmann

Those are great examples of how  lettering changed over time. Not just the roadname and emblem, but also the data.


I played around with both in Photoshop. The image of CGW 23140 is early. The car is not compliant with Safety Act Amendment equipment. Freight cars weren’t upgraded overnight, but this is an indication the car was built before 1912 at least. It’s quite a few years earlier than the 1937 file name.


In the bottom left corner, we can barely see the remains of the AIR BRAKE stencil. The Master Car Builders dropped the recommendation for that stencil in 1909. It appears this car still wears a builder badge stencil above the right truck. After repainting, these usually weren’t applied again. The weigh data presentation follows an earlier style that would be modified a few more times by the MCB, ARA, and AAR before 1930. The weigh date is fuzzy but slightly bolder than the rest of the lettering, indicating a fairly recent reweigh. After sharpening the image and adjusting levels and contrast, it seems like 12 are the last digits on the weigh stencil.


CGW 23564 has a more modern appearance. The weigh date here looks like 7-40. Note the reporting marks are on the left side of the car with the weigh data.


Attached is an image of CGW 12618 from the NPS Steamtown collection. It seems to have a 4-18 weigh stencil. While not a car in a series requested by Bob, it is another look at pre-1920 car lettering on an older car. It seems to have a build date of 1898 stenciled above the left truck. This car has been upgraded with grabs to meet the Safety Appliance Act amendment requirements.



Eric Hansmann

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Here are two photos I have of 23000 series CGW boxcars. Very different P/L schemes.


Doug Harding


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Subject: [RealSTMFC] Need a photo of a CGW AC&F boxcar #22000-25798


While ridding my duplicate & corrupted backup files on new to me Lenovo 17" Ideapad, I came across the 1913 Car Builders. Wandered thru the pages & came across a CGW wood superstructure box with a fabricated double beam steel underframe. ACF built it w/ 50T capacity.


Ck'd my Westerfield 1935 & my paper 12/1938 ORER - not enough data to identify the numbers. Remembered my 12/1928 ORER - there it was - the 21000 series [3 cars] & 22000 thru 25798 series [1690] - capacity dropped to 40T. Ck'd my digital copies of the RR Gazette, CGW first placed an order for 1500 cars in mid-1909, then a few months later increased the order by 500 cars w/ AC&F..


By 12/1938, the 21000 were gone & the 22000 were down to 242. Their reefer fleet dropped from 443 to 6 in the same time period.


Anyone have a photo of this car? Need truck type & lettering for late 20s/early 30s.




-=- Bob Colquitt

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