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Good call on the engine class! The locomotive is class N2sa, USRA 2-10-2, built circa 1919, and “Pennsified” circa 1924. As for the date, unfortunately the loco can only confirm that “early 1930s” is reasonable. The “condensed” (short, lengthwise) barely visible PENNSYLVANIA indicates prior to 1940 (ish) and the lack of classification lights on the boiler indicates a date after they were dropped from freight engines in 1925.



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While this photo features a PRR 2-10-2 (an N2?), here is a nearly complete, if somewhat grainy, view of a C&EI gondola. I think the number is 94358 from series 92000-9449. There were still seven of these cars in service in 1958.


The car is similar to Caswell gondolas in series 91000-91999, which according to Richard Hendrickson (RMJ, March 2000), the C&EI modernized with steel sides and ends during WWII. He didn't say if the rebuilt cars came from the 92000 series, but that seems a reasonable assumption. 


Also note the NYC boxcar immediately behind the tender. 


This photo is in my collection, and is undated or otherwise identified, but I suggest it is early 1930s.


Additional comments or clarification would be welcome.


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