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Thank you, an interesting explaination.

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On Mon, May 24, 2021 at 08:45 AM, Jeffrey Gray wrote:
On the Monon gondola. That end is interesting. I would think that a pattern like that for the press die would be expensive to make. And then on a Composite car too?
No more expensive than any of the Dreadnaught variations that came after. I suspect this was a Haskell & Barker proprietary design... All three orders of cars on which it was used were built by H&B, and when I was organizing H&B drawings at the Pullman Library, there were more detailed drawings of the pressing than was normal. I also suspect that the main design intent was patent avoidance. The Murphy patent claimed "tapered ribs" and had been upheld in court, thus driving both Van Dorn and Hutchins out of the car end business. This end has ribs, but they can hardly be said to be tapered.

Dennis Storzek

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