Re: AB Air Reservoir Orientation Question

Dennis Storzek <destorzek@...>

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You are correct that the reservoir had a defined top and bottom, they were always mounted with the mounting lugs above center line.
In addition, the mounting brackets were almost always arranged to support the lugs from below. With the brackets below the lugs, in the event of a loose or broken bolt, the reservoir is still supported. Not so if it were hung from the bolts.

The secret to mounting orientation is revealed in Fig.7 on page four. Note that the air lines from the emergency and auxiliary reservoirs do not cross. Fig.s 12 & 13 on page six show the locations of the different connections on the control valve pipe bracket. The connections are not interchangeable, therefore the reservoir was always positioned in such a way that each pipe had a straight shot between it and the control valve, to make pipe fitting and maintenance easier.

Dennis Storzek

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