Brake Levers/Rods Arrangement and Attachment

Charles Greene

I'm assembling a late 19-teens/early 1920s-vintage USRA-design twin-bay hopper with split-K brake gear. The prototype photos I've found are only views of the ends, sides and inside of these cars. Consequently, as far as levers are concerned, I can only see the "live" cylinder lever, one end of which is attached directly to the cylinder piston end. The other end angles down toward the bottom of a bolster. Logically, a rod must be attached to that end of this lever and pass through the bolster. That rod then must actuate the rest of the system, viz. the "floating" lever and other rods to the brake beams. To correctly model this thing I need to know how and where the other lever and rods are attached to the underside of the car. 

I've contacted the Museum of Transportation near St. Louis which has holdings of American Car and Foundry diagrams of these cars. A staff member there is searching to see if this brake detail is shown in any of the diagrams. That project is taking some time, so.....meanwhile.....I thought I'd see if anyone here has any pertinent information/photo/diagram.


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