Technical accuracy of contemporary (for some flexible values of "contemporary) documentation (was Brake Levers/Rods Arrangement and Attachment)

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I'm sorry I'm not set up to scan stuff so I can't send you a sketch,,but i would say to look at the picture I sent of the overturned Frisco hopper. Just above the truck you can see the horizontal lever and its hangers.There would be a similar lever at the other end with a fulcrum bracket. I have never worried about the exact configuration of this because, located between the wheels as it is, unless your'e modeling finescale you can only model the center part of the levers and the connecting rod on account of wheel clearance.It occurs to me another source of actual brake arrangement drawings is Bob Webber at the Illinois Railway Museum.His email is <>
This thread has got me to thinking about my hardcopy archives of Model Railroader, missing no more than two dozen issues between January 1948(via either countertop at the local pusher's or via subscription since October 1956 and then via back-issue purchases to about Volume 1 issue 5)) and the present, and especially the Bluebook series' drawings. My understanding of those equipment drawings in particular is that they were reproductions of official documents from either railroad or government sources, but I doubt myself now. I also wonder a bit about some of the documents available for download from giggle books in this regard, many of which are from authors who had professed to be mechanical or electrical or civil engineers.

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