Re: Pere Marquette DD 40' steel box

Fritz Milhaupt

Johannes has it right- The Oriental Limited and Funaro & Camerlengo models are not PM cars- they have radial roofs, where the PM cars did not.

For the casual observer, this is somewhat complicated by the shortcuts taken when the AMC guys in Cleveland prepared and revised the diagram book for Pere Marquette freight cars in the early 1940. C&O employee and Pere Marquette/C&O historian Phil Shuster stated repeatedly that while the information in the tables is accurate for each group of cars, they didn't have drawings available for all of the PM cars, so some sheets have drawings from C&O cars that they felt were "close enough." This is one class that was depicted that way in the commonly-available set of drawings.

A few years ago, I picked up a couple of F&C kits with the idea of replacing the roofs and seeing what else I could do to make them closer to the PM cars, but thankfully it doesn't look like I'll need to go through with that. 'guess I'll build them as C&O cars.

-Fritz Milhaupt
Pere Marquette Historical Society

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