Re: Photo: Pacific Great Eastern Reefer 819 (Circa 1950s)


These cars were in fact purchased from NRL in August of 1946. There may have been some repairing once they were on PGE property.

Cars sold were formerly:

NRC 2659, 2685, 3002, 3019, 3082, 3122, 3143, 3254, 3521, 5203, 4277, 4466, 4484, 4518, 4615, 4641
5351,5909,5932, 12066, 12075

These cars were built by Haskell and Barker and Pullman between 1922 and 1925; cars as built were in the NRC 3000-3499; 4000-4499, and 5000-5499 and some had been renumbered while in NRC/NRL service. Complete drawings are available at the IRM Pullman library.

Roger Hinman

On May 29, 2021, at 9:56 AM, John Riddell <riddellj@...> wrote:

This reefer was one of 20 wood reefers that PGE bought second hand in approximately 1948. The original owner is unknown however some photos show early PGE reporting marks painted on a patch over yellow sides that are consistent with Northern Refrigerator Line paint scheme. 
John Riddell
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