Re: Photo: Pacific Great Eastern Reefer 819 (Circa 1950s)

greg kennelly

Thanks to Ed and Roger for the information in their posts. To round out the story on PGE wood refrigerators, here are a couple of Ernie Plant photos of the other two series: 801 - 803, built new for the PGE in 1914 by National Steel car; and 804 - 806, acquired second-hand sometime between October 1939 (when there were only 3 refrigerators shown in the ORER) and July 1942 (when there were 6 listed).  The photos were both taken in Vancouver, BC; 802 on July 11, 1943 and 804 on March 10, 1944.  I don’t have a firm date for the introduction of the diamond-shaped PGE logo, which was red, blue, and black on the yellow cars (roof, fascia, and ends were FCR) according to the late Ed Aldridge, a former PGE machinist.  There is no record of numbers 807 - 809 being used.  805 was reported destroyed apparently sometime between July 1945 and April 1947.  It would be nice to find the ORERs that show the decrease to 5 refrigerators before the arrival of the 20 former NRC cars and the increase from 3 to 6 refrigerators in the 1939 - 1942 period to help tie down the dates.

Greg Kennelly

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