FS: HO Kadee Cars for sale

Brian Carlson

AS I continue to backdate I have 6 HO Kadee cars for sale. There all have build dates of 1956 and 1957. They are new in the box but a few of the boxes are dusty. Prices as listed. PayPal and checks accepted.  Contact me OFF LIST at prrk4 AT yahoo DOT com if interested. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail.

Manufacturer Part # Kit/RTR Road Road Number Comments Price  
Kadee         6714      RTR     D&RGW 63569 $25.00 
Kadee         6376      RTR     ATSF 12672 $25.00 
Kadee         4906      RTR     BCK 2170 $20.00 
Kadee         5260      RTR     BM 76280 $20.00 
Kadee         6017      RTR     L&N 97117 blue $25.00 
Kadee         5301      RTR     RUT 445 $25.00 
Hopefully this won't show up twice. There was a hiccup as I typed.
Brian Carlson 
Cheektowaga NY 

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