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Roger Miener <Roger.Miener@...>

newrail@... (Don Valentine) wrote:

No, Jon. The Amborid car was patterned after a huge bunk car
used by one of the transcontinentals (can't recal which one)
building across the praries. They just rolled it along to the end
of track instead of constantly making camp and breaking camp with
Don, I think that the entity in question (the prototype for Ambroid's
car, that is) was not a transcontinental. It was Western Union, the
telegraph folk. Switching tracks - so to speak - , the NWSL (already
built *but not painted, if I recall correctly*) car was a copy of a
prototype logging bunk car - a car that was lugged from one logging
show to the next on the logging railroads located in the Pacific
Northwest. If anyone wants to know the exact prototype of the NWSL
model - holler - 'cause Raoul Martin of NorthWest Short Line is but a
phone call away and can doubtless provide the provenance of same.

However, as for Ambroid ... I think that the Ambroid car that you are
referring to is a car that was part of their "One Of Five Thousand"
series. It was number 6. It was billed as being a "Western Union
Material Car."

Take care,
Roger Miener
at Tacoma, WA

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