John Sykes III

Aleene's Tacky Glue has a long and storied past.  Originally designed by 3M to glue blue foam insulation to plywood, it lost out in favor of tube-loaded products, such as Liquid Nails.  3M sold the rights for the product to the company that sells it as Aleene's Tacky Glue.  It works very well for gluing blue foam layers together for scenery, but I would not recommend it for gluing plastics like styrene since it is a surface adhesive and does not weld the parts together.  It needs a semi-porous surface to get a really good bond.  It will come loose from a non-porous surface as soon as it dries completely (learned that the hard way).  Other PVA glues, such as Pacer's Canopy Cement or MicroScale Kristal-Klear, are designed to remain flexible when dry and dries clear - making them perfect for gluing windows into structures or vehicles (and can be used to create small windows where acetate is not an option).

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