CB&Q Extended height box car in Scottsbluff NE.

Andy Carlson

I saw that Q car years ago (around 1991) while visiting "Red" Vilryl Davis, a great RR freight car photographer who was a great sharing person. I believe his job was as a radio D.J.  Sad news hearing of his passing.

The car was near the tracks right at a grain elevator. I sure hope it survives. Gadz, I am so old that "recent" memories are many decades old now!
-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

On Sunday, June 6, 2021, 9:28:51 PM PDT, Scott <repairman87@...> wrote:

It's rumored there is a CBQ Bomber box with the roof extension being used as storage around Scottsbluff Nebraska.  I haven't been able to find it yet though 

Scott McDonald 

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