Re: CB&Q Extended height box car in Scottsbluff NE.

Charlie Vlk


I was away from my computer when I made my post that the “car” was a CB&Q Bomber Box.

They were included in BRHS Burlington Bulletin #15 along with O Scale drawings of the box and the FM-14 flat cars. There were 69 that were placed on  flat cars, painted mineral red with white lettering and the same numbers as the flat cars in 1943.  They were removed in Sept of 1945 when B-29 production ceased and used as storage buildings (no floor) at shops and some were sold off to online industries.

Unfortunately, BB 15 is out of stock.

Charlie Vlk



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I saw that Q car years ago (around 1991) while visiting "Red" Vilryl Davis, a great RR freight car photographer who was a great sharing person. I believe his job was as a radio D.J.  Sad news hearing of his passing.


The car was near the tracks right at a grain elevator. I sure hope it survives. Gadz, I am so old that "recent" memories are many decades old now!

-Andy Carlson

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It's rumored there is a CBQ Bomber box with the roof extension being used as storage around Scottsbluff Nebraska.  I haven't been able to find it yet though 

Scott McDonald 

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