Re: SP Overnight scheme


John Nehrich writes:
I think the MDC car is an attempt to model the Santa Fe 7 panel Pratt
truss cars, but on their 1937 AAR box car body. But if I remember, their
earlier cast metal version had a Howe truss, which might have been a little
more useful on that car body.
And the problem is compounded by the fact that it doesn't LOOK like a
single-sheathed car, with too wide grooves for the boards, too shallow
relief for the bracing and lacking that "sunken cheek" look (like someone
with their false teeth out) of a true SS car. Finally, because of the
misfit of side to body, the ribs don't even reach the top and bottom of the
car. - John
Whether MDC intended to model ANY protoype is unknown and, based on their
track record, improbable. Most likely they were just doing another
"interesting" kit using existing resources, perhaps crudely aiming at some
prototype photo but possibly with an entirely generic goal. In any case, we
can agree the car is a poor model and matches no prototype, nor is it
readily kitbashable into anything prototypical. Definitely swap meet

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