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Schuyler Larrabee

Remarkable result, Clark.  Excellent looking model.




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On the 8th I finished assembling a F&C kit of a B&M XM-1 box car. I really enjoy these ‘old school’ kits...No etched parts! Car slapped together quickly in three settings. Just painted it with tru-color, so decals later today I hope. Model is primed with Tamiya gray. I’m thinking of decaling it for subsidiary MTC to be different...My wife always says I different anyway...  I didn’t read the instructions, but the only deviation was to replace the sill steps provided with A-Line “Style A” and of course that crappy green floral wire with Tichy .015” wire for brake piping and rods. Oh, and a piece of jewelry chain. My wife once asked me if I could get a knot out of a necklace, Of course I couldn’t, knowing It would work for brake chain  ;  ))

On the morning of the 9th I painted this model’s body with Tru-color Rich Oxide Red I used their grimy black on the separate underframe. Later that morning I decaled one side. That afternoon I decaled the other, I always have to chuckle because first side takes three times as long to decal as the second. After supper I airbrushed the underframe with a 50/50 mix of Dullcote and lacquer thinner. On the body I first sprayed on a mix on thinned Dullcote with some Testers ‘little square bottle’ brown as a tint. Next I tried to just spray the wood sections of the sides with a Dullcote mix with an off white as a tint. All a short wait I weathered by applying Raw Umber Pan Pastel to the underframe before and after adding the trucks which were also dullcoted when I did the underframe. I also used that Pan Pastel color along the bottom of the sides and for wheel splash on the ends. Next was a light application of PP black to the roof and ends applied with the same soft round cosmetic brush used in the underframe. The wheel splash on the ends and for applying black on the exposed tops of the sides (what the roof didn’t cover) I used a thin angled brush. I also used that angled brush to add a little light gray PP an either side of the doors. Lastly I used a color gray, black, reddish brown and brown Prismacolor pencils to weather some side boards and the running board. When I was using a pencil to add boot scuffs behind the side ladders I chipped off a bit of paint. One of my main complaints of F&C kits is poor paint adhesion. This time I soaked the model in “Shout” as they recommend and before painting I doused it with a wash of alcohol, but didn’t help much behind the ladders I guess?  Probably took a half hour to do the weathering. Mainly because I didn’t care to watch the TV show my wife had on  ;  ))
Clark Propst
Viewing the photos I see the brake step isn't setting properly. I'll see if I can correct that? Sometimes the camera's your best modeling tool...

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