7-course ACF LPG tank cars

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Hi guys,

Ever since I got an OMI 3028 "1936" ACF LP tank car (which had 7 courses instead of 6, as seen on the Atlas and Kadee models), I've been looking for info on the earlier 7-course LP tank cars.

So, to sum up the sources listed at the end:

1. The OMI tank is 10.5k gallons, roughly 94" in diameter, and 1.5 ft. longer than the Kadee and Atlas tanks.

2. Ed's presentation states that there were 1,091 SHPX 7-course tank cars built from 1940-1946. These tanks were 11k gallons, 85" in diameter, and 4' longer than the Kadee and Atlas tanks.

3. The DuPont tank car in the thread is 11k gallons and also has 7 courses.

This leads me to tentatively conclude that:

1. There were at least two distinct designs and corresponding gallonages of ACF 7-course LP tanks. P
ossibly someone knows if there were more?

2. The DUPX tank car may be of a similar or the same design as the SHPX cars given their similar gallonages and build dates.

3. These are clearly important models whose numbers weren't insignificant compared to the Kadee and Atlas models. Other than OMI 3028, I don't think there is another accurate 7-course LPG tank in HO. It would be nice to see an 7-course 11k tank given that the underframe components seem to exist already (of course, the underframe will have to be lengthened by 4").

There were other 7-course LPG tank cars built by GATC, but I don't know enough about them to comment.

Elden Gatwood's comments on the OMI model:

"OVL 3028 is a very nice model of a roughly 10.5K 7-course 1936-built ~94"

diam ACF-built 105. Philgas and others had copies of this car. It is
similar to the 6-course Atlas car, but just different enough (~ 1.5 ft longer
tank, also) to be a nice option."

A recent thread on some 11k Dupont t
ank cars:

Ed Hawkins's presentation given at the 2016 St. Louis RPM:

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