Re: Rapido USRA Single Sheath Boxcar announced

Ralph W. Brown

Hi Gerald, et al.,

Rapido is offering the PRR X36, aka USRA single sheathed boxcar, with both Youngstown and Creco doors. The website, however, shows the six car sets of both versions will have the same six car numbers. I hoping that changes.


Ralph Brown
Portland, Maine
PRRT&HS No. 3966
NMRA No. L2532


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Just announced on a Facebook Live, newsletter and website will show it
sometime tomorrow.

- 3 different doors
- Ann Arbor, B&O, C&O, CNJ, C&NW, D&H, MEC, MILW, N&W, NYC, Pennsy,
Reading, SP, + 1 more couldn't see (I think I got the list correct
from the image they showed on the livestream).
Website now live:

Or the PDF brochure:

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