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Ck'd my 12/28 ORER - were 20 pass reffers in 4 #groups & 423 frt reefers in 9 groups. I can give you dims, ext, int, wts. The frt are 30T while the pass are 30T, 40T, & 50T. While later than 07, might show which group came from. In my 38 ORER, almost non-existent - 6!
-=- Bob Colquitt
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I just checked the files in my archive. I don’t have anything on CGW reefers.



Eric Hansmann

Murfreesboro, TN



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Looking for information about CGW reefers, circa 1900-1910. Apparently there is an old CGW reefer body in Oelwein. If I recall it was purchased by an Italian immigrant in 1907 and made into a home. Then was later rented out to others. Now some folks are looking to preserve/restore the body. All that is know is that it was CGW reefer.


Does anyone have any information and/or photos of CGW reefers from that era?



Doug Harding



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