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Scott H. Haycock

The use of "blacksmith car" is my own. I don't remember where I heard the term, but it seemed descriptive- my apologies for the confusion.
Here's the story. I'm thinking about modeling this, but I need a better understanding of the type of MOW cars that might be used:
Cal Sexsmith wrote-
 The father of a friend of mine was a road repair foreman in the 1950s. He was assigned a road repair car which was an old boxcar with a bunkhouse/kitchen at one end and tools and parts at the other. The car, along with the road repair crew, would be moved from town to town by way freights so that they could repair cars where they sat. This might also be an interesting variation to add.
Scott Haycock

Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantment

On 06/13/2021 2:39 PM Dennis Storzek wrote:
Where is this reference to a "blacksmith car" coming from?

Dennis Storzek

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