Re: Photo-etch benders - hinged vs "Razer blade" types?

Denis Kahl


I use the "razor blade" etch bender ie one with the fingers. The one I have purchased comes from England and is made by Avonside Works. It comes with a single edged razor blade as well as longer metal blades so that longer items can be folded. I previously owned a Mission Models (USA) finger type which also came with multiple length blades but were made of plastic which degraded badly. Mission Models are now out of business.

Some of the etches that I bend require multiple folds for which the multiple sized fingers are ideal. I would think that the hinged type would not allow you to do multiple folds on an etch.

I have seen and held a hinged type but I shied away from it because you can't see what is happening until you open it up again for a pleasant or maybe an unpleasant surprise.

Denis Kahl

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