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John Barry


Thanks for posting the family related photo!  Although Joshua Hendy was in Sunnyvale at the other end of SF Bay, my layout serves the Kaiser Richmond yards that Hendy made scads of engines for.  


Although the actual routing was likely CNW UP SP, through Omaha and Ogden, if the Rock Island agent had better steaks, it might have gone CRIP  ATSF  SP through Kansas City.  With that banner, I can almost see the final interchange at the Richmond Inner Harbor around shift change at Kaiser.  Thanks for the scale banner.

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On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 04:36:03 PM EDT, Charlie Vlk <cvlk@...> wrote:


It appears you need to look for a 10’-6” IH AAR box car with a Youngstown door.   Need to check if the roof is a Viking or some other type.

You might get lucky and find a C&NW that only needs to have the number changed.

Here is a pdf of the banner.   Since it is on a white background I would size the boxcar on my drawing to HO and print out the banner as a separate image on white decal stock.  The banner not on the car has a slight black border to use as a guide to cut the banner to size.

It should just fit between the door and the ladder.


Have Fun!!

Charlie Vlk


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