Re: New ebay ops

Tim O'Connor

Ebay has never had my bank information, nor would I give it to them. Maybe that's why I've not
noticed a change? I've always used Paypal to pay for things. Is this new "rule" that they want your
bank routing number in order to receive payment? That would really suck, in my opinion.

Tim O'Connor

On 6/16/2021 10:54 AM, Paul Doggett via wrote:

According to the new eBay rules you should have the money paid into your bank account in two days. You need to contact eBay.
Paul Doggett

On 16 Jun 2021, at 15:27, Clark Propst via <cepropst@...> wrote:

I've been selling freight cars on eBay for a couple years with no issues. When listing a freight car a couple weeks ago I had to re-sign up through Google. I used to get an email saying the car sold with a link to the buyer. This time I got nothing. Had to search to see that the car sold and to whom. It's been a week and I haven't received the payment, so I haven't sent the model. 
Am I doing something wrong, or has eBay really screwed up the operation?

Clark Propst

Tim O'Connor
Sterling, Massachusetts

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